The Torreando // Jiu Jitsu Essentials

The Torreando is a fantastic way to start of your guard passing sequence. The wonderful thing about the Torreando is you can completely bypass your opponents legs and leave them floundering to regain their guard as you connect to your next technique.

This mini-instructional will give you an overview of the high and low torreando and how to start connecting it to other techniques.

Here is what’s covered:

0:00 – Understanding The Torreando
01:18 – High Torreando Using Shins
04:08 – High Torreando Using Gi Pants
06:07 – Defending Lasso Recovery
08:47 – Connecting To Windshield Wiper
10:32 – Connecting To Top Spin
12:47 – Low Torreando Variations
15:02 – Running Back Against The Hips
17:47 – Entering Knee Slide
19:51 – Connecting To Top Spin

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