Takedowns From Collar & Wrist Tie Up

The Collar Tie Up is one of the strongest grips in wrestling. A good collar tie will give you control over your opponent’s movement, balance, and prevent them from being able to shoot on you.

This video covers a sequence of attacks off the collar tie and wrist grip, plus some counter takedowns when your opponent gets a collar tie on you.

Here’s exactly what’s covered:

0:00 – Setting Up Collar & Wrist Tie Up
1:18 – Foot Sweep
2:49 – Knee Tap
4:17 – Far Leg Sweep Single
6:35 – Near Leg Sweep Single / Single
7:43 – Arm Drag
8:41 – Counter Double Leg Off Snap Down
10:00 – Head Snap to Sweep Single
12:38 – Drop Seoi Nage

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