Controlling A Bigger, Stronger Opponent

Controlling A Bigger Strong Opponent

One of the most common questions Tom and Chelsea get asked is “how do you control a bigger, stronger opponent?” In this instructional, Chelsea discusses some essential concepts to control and attack a larger opponent. Here is exactly what’s covered: 0:00 – Dealing With A Kneeling Opponent 4:11 – Dealing With A Standing Opponent 7:29 […]

WWN – Standing Omoplata Series

WWN - Standing Omoplata Series

An excellent counter to an opponent who stands with strong posture is the Omoplata Sweep. In this “What’s Working Now”, Chelsea shares a series of attacks from the Standing Omoplata sweep that’s been working great for her recently. Here is exactly what’s covered: 0:00 – Proper Posture When Standing 1:30 – Entry Into Omoplata And […]