Inversions & The Donkey Guard Seminar // Chelsea Leah

Inversions & The Donkey Guard Seminar // Chelsea Leah

During this seminar, Chelsea dives deep into how to invert underneath an opponent in No Gi and how to use the donkey guard if they defend your initial attack. Here is what’s covered in the seminar: Related Videos

D’Arce Study

D'Arce Study

In this video Tom & Chelsea take an in-depth look at the D’Arce choke. Primarily, this video is focused on the No Gi applications of the D’Arce, however, they also discuss how to apply the technique in the Gi also. Here is exactly what’s covered: 0:00 – Introduction 2:44 – Troubleshooting short arms 5:00 – […]

Attacks Off The Snap Down

The Snap Down is one of the simplest techniques in wrestling and is incredibly effect attack against an opponent who has weak posture. This video covers some variations of the snap down plus several ways to attack your opponent off the snap down. Here’s exactly what’s covered: Basic Wrestling Stance (0:00 – 0:42) The Basic […]

Leg Lock Template

The Leg Lock Template

The importance of understanding Leg Locks has become obvious with the rise of professional Jiu Jitsu. If you don’t understand the basics of the Leg Locking game you will struggle in this environment. In this video, you’ll discover a simple leg lock sequence. This is one of my primary ways of attacking the legs. The […]