Inversions & The Donkey Guard Seminar // Chelsea Leah

Inversions & The Donkey Guard Seminar // Chelsea Leah

During this seminar, Chelsea dives deep into how to invert underneath an opponent in No Gi and how to use the donkey guard if they defend your initial attack. Here is what’s covered in the seminar: Related Videos

WWN – Standing Omoplata Series

WWN - Standing Omoplata Series

An excellent counter to an opponent who stands with strong posture is the Omoplata Sweep. In this “What’s Working Now”, Chelsea shares a series of attacks from the Standing Omoplata sweep that’s been working great for her recently. Here is exactly what’s covered: 0:00 – Proper Posture When Standing 1:30 – Entry Into Omoplata And […]

IBJJF Honey Hole

One of the most controversial areas in Jiu Jitsu is that of reaping the knee while attacking the legs. Regardless of whether you agree with the rule or not, for a long time, ‘the reap’ was illegal in Gi competitions that used the IBJJF rules. However, the IBJJF has updated the rules and it now […]