Kimura Trap From Half Guard

Kimura Trap From Half Guard

Although it may not look like it, the Kimura Trap is an excellent way to control your opponent. Once you establish the Kimura Trap, there are numerous transitions and submission you can attack. The other nice thing about the Kimura Trap is you can set it up from both top and bottom. In this video, […]

The Back Step // Half Guard Pass

The Back Step Pass

The Half Guard is a battle for the underhook and whoever gets the underhook will be in a better position to attack. If you’re passing and your opponent gets a deep underhook it can be difficult to defend. However, you can neutralise the underhook by using the back step pass. The video below covers the […]

[WWN] Weave Half Guard Pass

The Weave Half Guard Pass is a simple way to counter the deep half guard, or if your opponent manages to secure an under hook on you in the half guard.