D’Arce Study

D'Arce Study

In this video Tom & Chelsea take an in-depth look at the D’Arce choke. Primarily, this video is focused on the No Gi applications of the D’Arce, however, they also discuss how to apply the technique in the Gi also. Here is exactly what’s covered: 0:00 – Introduction 2:44 – Troubleshooting short arms 5:00 – […]

The T-Rex Trap

The T-Rex Trap

The T-Rex Trap is a fantastic way to attack your opponent from Side Control (or Mount). The beauty of this position is it allows you great control your opponent’s body while leaving you one arm free. This video details the T-Rex Trap System including the setup, attacks, and how to counter your opponent’s defences. Here […]

Knee On Belly // Submissions

The knee on belly has long been one of my favourite positions to attack from. In this video, you’ll learn some simple submission you can use from the knee on belly position. Here’s exactly what you’ll learn: – Arm bar from knee on belly – A high percentage way to counter the most common armbar […]