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Ready To The Build The Rock Solid Foundations Of A 6-Figure School?

During this workshop, you’ll discover how to smash through and avoid the most common roadblocks that stop most schools from reaching their full potentials.

Workshop Starts In:


Save Time, Money, And Massive Frustration...

For the past year or so, I’ve been speaking with instructors around the globe about how to grow their BJJ schools.

The more instructors I spoke with, the more I realised the same roadblocks kept cropping up.

These issues were costing time, money, and causing a lot of frustration. 

Most importantly, they were stopping the academies reaching their full potentials.

This workshop will help set solid foundations you can build the school of your dreams from and avoid those common roadblocks.

What's Included...


Live workshop taking place on Friday 23rd February 2023 at 1 PM (UK time)


Recording of the workshop you can download or stream. (Available shortly after the workshop)


Notes from the workshop for you to work through at your own pace.

Here's How The Workshop will benefit you...

During the workshop, we dive deep into the key areas of running a 6-figure BJJ school, and help you avoid any of the pitfalls that you might come up against. We’ll look at…

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg… we will be covering a huge amount of information in this workshop, and most importantly, helping you through it all.


Escapology BJJ is run by Tom Barlow & Chelsea Leah. Both of us are seasoned competitors and have fought at the highest level of Jiu Jitsu.

Tom is a 3x No Gi World Champion, European Champion, ADCC Finalist, and Polaris veteran. You may have also heard his voice without realising it, as he’s one of the commentators for Polaris.

Chelsea has won the worlds as Brown belt, medalled at every major championship as a Black Belt, and competed on Metamoris, Polaris, Fight to Win Pro, and Five Super League.

More importantly, we run one of the most successful schools in the area both from a competitive and business stand point. 

We grow our Academy to over 150 students in under a year of opening, rebound to nearly 200 students within a few months of COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, and maintain an attrition rate of around 2%.

We did this while facing just about every obstacle out there…

..our gym is tiny, we’re about 7 miles from the city centre in rural countryside, we had no money when we started, and surrounded by would be competitors…

Our success is due our skills run a successful school, teaching awesome classes, and avoiding the most common roadblocks of running an academy.

So what’s The Workshop cost?

So you’re probably wondering what the workshop will cost? Typically, a workshop like this would cost somewhere round £97 – £297.

However, our goal is to help as many instructors out there as possible, you want have to pay anywhere near that. So we’ve decided to do something a little different…

To join the workshop and get our personal feedback, all you need to do is join Escapology Online:


(regular price £50/month)

The reason we’re doing this is because once you’ve been through the workshop, you’ll have access to all the tools and trainings to smash through your roadblocks and grow your school.

If you decide to use cancel before your next paymnet

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Still on the fence?

Here’s what some of our members have to say about being part of Escapology Online:

I decided to sign up for Escapology Online after having some success with the Simple Submission System. I liked the way Tom broke down the moves and concepts and then strung them altogether with the drills and Mind Map.

I have not been in the gym as much as I’d like this first month but the days I’ve been in I have seen some progress especially with my side control.

On top of this the accessibility of Tom and Chelsea through this group is enough for the money. They get back very quickly with great advice along with the other members of the group. I’ll be sticking around with this group!
S.G. (White Belt)
I’ve know Tom for many years and in that time i have seen him evolve into an elite level competitor and coach. This is a rare combination.

Like Tom, i struggled have regular training partners and an instructor around me full time to guide me on my jj journey. Trial and error was my coach.

Escapology Online is a superb platform to help students, coaches and school owners alike to have access to some of the UK’s leading BJJ coaches.

I highly recommend Escapology Online to anyone serious about taking their Jiu Jitsu training to a new level. It is like have Tom and Chelsea with you on the mats.
J.E. (Black Belt)
BJJ is an art of centimetres and the better you get the tighter you need to be.

BJJ is accessible with countless videos and great rolls in class but with a simple question answered or video observation or critique from a competitive Black Belt as they arise, a bad habit can be stopped before it takes root, wasted time can be saved searching or experimenting to find an answer.

To this end the small, focused and technique driven closed group accelerates learning, increases motivation and ultimately improves your BJJ and fun.
J.H. (Purple Belt)
I joined this group as I have lots of holes in my game. I love BJJ and have a solid commitment to my Gym, however I needed something else.

YouTube is great for looking at random videos, but this group focuses on specific techniques, concentrated along a definitive learning path, which compliments my gym instructors and helps me focus.

The feedback is invaluable and allows me to gain second opinions on technical improvements, as well as a differing style of instruction.
S.S. (Purple Belt)
I joined the group because I struggle to get to classes regularly. I tried doing my own thing but it lacked structure and sometimes I would stop until the next class.

Since joining the group I have rarely had a day where I haven’t at least done the drills or looked at the technical guidance. And in only a month there has been an improvement.

I was concerned at first that I’d pay and not see any benefit. I was wrong and look forward to remaining a part of Escapology Online.
M.C. (Blue Belt)

Then Escapology Online is for you. Here’s why:

From as little as £17/month