Positioning & Fast Sweeps // X Guard Sweeps (DMA 2018)

The X Guard was made famous by Marcelo Garcia and is a fantastic guard for both Gi and No Gi. The power of the X guard comes from being underneath your opponent, this has two effects. Firstly, it makes it incredibly difficult for your opponent to put your weight down on you and secondly, it makes them incredibly unstable.

In this video, you’ll learn the basic X Guard positioning and some simple, fast sweeps.


Heres exactly what’s covered:

  • X Guard Controls (0:00 – 3:51)
  • Back Sweep (3:51 – 5:55)
  • Back Sweep With Gi Pants (5:55 – 8:39)
  • Chelsea’s Waiter Sweep (8:39 – 11:33)
  • Tom’s Waiter Sweep (11:33- 13:55)

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