Leg Lock Template

The importance of understanding Leg Locks has become obvious with the rise of professional Jiu Jitsu. If you don’t understand the basics of the Leg Locking game you will struggle in this environment.

In this video, you’ll discover a simple leg lock sequence. This is one of my primary ways of attacking the legs. The nice thing about this sequence is you can easily combine the leg attacks with guard passes.

This template will also work in competitions that don’t allow heel hooks as most of the positions are IBJJF legal.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn:

  • Entry to Ashi Garami (0:00 – 1:18)
  • Details on Heel Hook from Ashi Garami (1:18 – 1:50)
  • Ashi Garami to Cross Foot Lock Position (1:50 – 2:28)
  • Cross Foot Lock to Leg Drag (2:28 – 3:24)
  • Leg Drag to Honey Hole (3:24 – 4:12)
  • Honey Hole to Knee Bar, Outside Ashi, or 50/50 (4:12 – 4:34)
  • Resetting From 50/50 to Cross Foot Lock Position (4:34 – 5:45)
  • Full Sequence (5:45 onwards)

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