Junior Jiu Jitsu Programme

This programme was originally designed to be used as a 15 min add-on to our kid’s classes. However, it could easily be expanded to a full lesson by adding warm-ups, BJJ related games, a few additional techniques, and sparring.

The programme has 10 different levels or blocks. Each block is a flow of 3 – 4 techniques that can be taught individually and linked a series of lessons.

Here’s a breakdown of each level:

Level #1: Spider Kid — Bulldozer — Backpack — Choke
Level #2: Crocodile Control — Mount Of Death — Spider Swim — Arm Bar
Level #3: Shark Bite — Skyscraper Break — Crazy Legs Pass — Crocodile Control
Level #4: Guard Monster — Hip Bump Sweep — Mount Of Death — Kimura
Level #5: Guard Monster — Kid Sweep — Crazy Legs Pass — Crocodile Control — Americana
Level #6: Bully Choke Defence — Arm Bar
Level #7: Tackle The Giant — Slow Pass — Mount Of Death — Spider Swim — Arm Bar
Level #8: Guillotine Choke Defence — Mount Of Death — Bulldozer — Backpack — Choke
Level #9: Snake Escape — Guard Monster — Elevator Sweep — Spider Swim — Arm Bar
Level #10: Butt Drag — Double Under Pass — Back Pack — Choke

It also covers some drills which are linked to the techniques covered in the blocks but can be used as warm-ups.

Solo Drills:

  • Break Fall (Back / Rolling)
  • Butt Scoot
  • Bridging
  • Shrimping
  • Turtling

As you can see from the video, it’s designed to be fun and very game orientated so the kids are having fun while developing their skills.

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  1. Implemented this in my 4 to 6 year, 7 to 9 and 11 to 14 class last night and they loved it. At the end of the class we have a short sparring session with the kids and the amount of kids who got the backpack position was a vast improvement from before. A new stater to the class was in the back pack position on her first try. The names for the positions are great they were able to recite the names off during the class. Would highly recommend this program !!!!!!

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