Game Planning Intensive: Standing Plan

Whether you want to throw your opponent on their head or tangle them up in your guard, EVERY Jiu Jitsu match starts standing. Consequently, you need to have a plan of what you’re going to do from your feet.

As every match starts standing, it is the logical place to begin developing your game plan.

Creating Your Standing Game Plan

Watch the video below to understand how to build a standing game plan that links with your ground game.

Answer the following questions to start building your standing game plan:

Q1: What grip do you try to set up at the start of a match?


Q2: What’s your primary takedown and where do end up?

Take Down:
End Position:

Q3: From that grip how do you pull guard and which guard do you end in?

Guard Pull:

Q4: How does your opponent commonly get defend or take you down from that grip?


Standing Plan Live Q&A

Aditional Resources

Here are some additional resources that might help you develop your standing plan

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