Kids Belt Blueprint

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Welcome to the Kids Belt Blueprint! You should have received an email covering some important info and downloads. If you don’t see it, check your spam, then drop me a message at We’ve been working on these blueprints for the past five months and using it our academy for the past five years. They’re […]

6 Figure BJJ School Template

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In this video, Tom breaks down how to use the 6 figure calculator and apply it to your school. 0:42 – Calculator Overview 1:28 – Starting Principles 4:17 – Funnel Overview 9:17 – Metrics 18:40 – Memberships & Fees 31:35 – Marketing 38:21 – Leads 40:41 – Trials 44:20 – Sign Ups 48:44 – Elevation […]

6 Figure Foundations

In this video, Tom and Chelsea share how to the solid build the foundations of a six figure BJJ school. 0:00 – Introduction06:04 – Marketing31:32 – Conversion42:47 – Retention01:02:49 – Systemisation01:18:37 – Vision & Future Planning01:28:30 – Staff01:42:23 – Facility & Maintenance01:49:56 – Finance01:55:55 – Learning Environment Downloads: Six Figure Foundations Assessment Six Figure Foundations […]

Automatic Email System – Welcome Emails

Welcome to the Automatic Email System – Welcome Emails edition. Below you’ll find the walk through of setting up your email system and the emails templates. Chapters 0:00 – Why ConvertKit 4:43 – Initial Set Up 14:18 – Landing Page Set Up 40:02 – Email Sequence Set Up 51:19 – Automating The Sequence 1:03:59 – […]

Disguised Repetition Course

Welcome to the Disguised Repetition course! Disguised Repetition is one of the skills that separates a good instructor from a great instructor, and it’s an essential tool in helping your students improve. In the next few videos, you’re going to learn the core principles of disguised repetition that will keep your students focussed and practice […]