Arm Bars Off Escapes // 30 Days To Better Arm Bars

Whenever you’re in a bad position, your primary goal should always be to get safe. Only once you are safe should you look to start escaping.

Having said that, there are times where the escape is the way to get safe. On top of that, you can use that escape to set up a submission.

The armbar is one of best submissions to combine with escapes and that’s whats covered in this video.

Here’s exactly what’s covered:

  • Choi Bar From Half Guard (0:00 – 1:56)
  • Choi Bar From Reverse De La Riva (1:56 – 2:55)
  • From Escaping Side Control (2:55 – 4:27)
  • Off Kimura From North South (4:27 – 5:45)
  • Off Kimura From Half Guard (5:45 onwards)

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