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80+ Drills You Can Use Tonight To Accelerate your Jiu Jitsu.

In this two part instructional, you’ll get 80+ fresh, effective drills guard playing and guard passing drills that you can use in your training tonight!



Accelerate Your Speed Of Recognition

Ever wondered why you regularly blue belts submit seasoned black belts on the competition mats?

It’s not about the technique, after all the black belt my have decades more experience. 

The real difference is the speed at which you can recognise when you should use a technique and then apply it, not the number of techniques you know.

The cool thing is regardless of your age, athleticism or experience, if you increase your speed of recognition, you increase your performance on the mats. 

One of the best ways to do this is via effective speed drilling. And I want to share 80+ of my favourite passing and guard playing drills with you now.

Introducing The Art Of Drilling

The Art Of Drilling covers

The Art Of Drilling – Guard & Passing is a two part instructional covering over 80 of my favourite drills for either playing or passing guard. 

Each of the drills covered have had big impact on my performance and success on the mats. Many of which you won’t find anywhere else.

On top of that, I cover a whole bunch of important concepts and variations that will level up your skills regardless of whether your just starting out or been in the game for years. 




HERE's a little of what you'll discover in passing section...

This part of the instructional starts with Closed Guard breaking, then moves through open guard passes and finally will teach you how to link everything together.

Check out a sample drill from the passing section below and a little more of what’s you’ll learn…

HERE's a little of what you'll discover in Guard section...

This part of the instructional is split into two sections. The first section is all about guard retention, while section two focusses on guard attacks and transitions.

Check out a sample drill from the guard section below and a little more of what’s you’ll learn…


Along with the instructional, you’ll get a free my eBook “Performance Drilling” that will help you structure your sessions for maximum impact.​


Before we go any further, I should introduce myself. My name is Tom Barlow, and I’m considered one of the best British-born Jiu Jitsu competitors ever.

What makes this amazing is I managed this without the regular supervision of a Jiu Jitsu instructor.

My training was limited to an hour or two PER MONTH with my instructor, Braulio Estima, and training with my students and friends at my Academy in Plymouth.

One of the reasons I have been so successful as a competitor is because I understood the importance of drilling correctly which allowed me to upgrade my skills rapidly.

And it’s because of this I’ve won numerous Jiu Jitsu competitions, most notably, the No-Gi World Championships as a Black Belt three years in a row (2013/14/15), Europeans twice, competed in the ADCC finals, and more.


If the answer is yes, then you need to get the Art Of Drilling. Here’s what you’ll get if you order it today:




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Still on the fence?

Here’s what some of of the people who have benefitted from this masterclass have to say about it...

The S Mount was something I was trying to incorporate into my game a month or 2 back, then this masterclass got put on.

Really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Thanks
Luke V. (blue belt)
Got the armbar set up from the s mount last night was so much better and controlled 🫶 thank you. 🤣
Matt G. (Brown belt)
The masterclass, it was phenomenal!

The techniques have massively increased my success from mount, the s mount has become my go to and I use it all the time now. The "cherry on the top" was a brown belt with 20kg+ on me saying he struggled to escape from my mount which as a white belt was a massive pat on the back.

The biggest difference for me is knowing how to get to high mount reliably every time, from their attacks and maintaining position has been so much easier. I'll jump at the opportunity to go to another seminar you're hosting, you're a wizard.
Lewis H. (White Belt)
The best masterclass!

Some of the details were real eye openers for me and it’s great because I was using s mount a fair bit anyway.

The biggest game changer was collapsing their arms from side control. Been using that a lot and works on high level belts.

Richard S. (Blue Belt)
It's awesome. So many details but explained in a digestible way.

What’s even better the comp class I had the week after the seminar I pulled off an a S mounted arm bar using those details!
Jillur M. (Blue Belt)

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